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Glocal Engineering Consulting Limited

Training and Development

GECL delivers high quality training with engineers who have hands on design experience in the subject areas.  Our training sessions are delivered by chartered engineers who have minimum of 12 years of industry experience executing world class projects with multinational corporations.

Our training combines theory of the subject with case studies as well as latest industry design or market developments to enable delegates to appreciate areas and methods of application of the subject principles.

We feel a responsibility to ensure that everybody who attends our training leaves significantly better informed about the subject matter and better equipped to carry out their work and progress their career.

Where applicable, we start and end with a “Fundamentals Test”.  The test gives a good indication of learning & development and enables us determine that our trainees are leaving with an increase in knowledge of the subject.

All test scores are private and confidential and will never be discussed among the delegates.

The list of GECL training courses we currently offer are:

  • Fluid Dynamics (GTRM-001)
  • Gas Treatment & Processing (GTRM-002)
  • Upstream Oil Processing (GTRM-003)
  • Process Safety Design (GTRM-004)
  • Introduction to Process Control Fundamentals (GTRM-005)
  • Introduction to Process Simulation & Optimisation (GTRM-006)

We also offer additional courses developed and delivered by our partner HIGOE LIMITED:

  • Safety Course (GHTRM-007) (Three Part Course)
    • Part 1 – Process Safety
    • Part 2 – Hazard Analysis
    • Part 3 – Risk Analysis & Risk Management
  • Essential Environmental Awareness (GHTRM-008)

Register with the GECL Training Centre to obtain more details about our courses, including location and dates.

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