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Glocal Engineering Consulting Limited

Mini LNG Plant

As more deepwater fields are being uncovered and the cost of gas transport to shore remains prohibitive for some associated and non-associated gas finds, floating & mini-LNG plants offer a sound economic solution.

By delivering innovative solutions in Floating LNG or Mini LNG plants front end design, GECL can help clients to monetize stranded gas where quantity is not sufficient for investing in pipelines to transport from deepwater to shore or where shallow water or onshore finds do not have sufficient quantity to build a base load LNG plant.

Using technology based on the nitrogen expander cycle, we can deliver feasibility study and front end design of cost competitive mini LNG plants either offshore (platforms or FPSO) or onshore.

GECL will deliver LNG plants with:

• Fast start-up or shut down

• High turndown rates

• Low feed composition sensitivity